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Current Research team


     Pantelis Georgiades (Lab head)


Dr Pantelis Georgiades is an Associate Professor and head of the ‘Developmental Biology and Stem Cell Lab for Biomedical Research’ in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Cyprus. His research interests centre on understanding the molecular and cellular basis of early mammalian development and stem cell function. Georgiades trained in the United Kingdom, at the University of London [BSc Hons in ‘Molecular Biology’ from 'Queen Mary’ and PhD in ‘Developmental Biology’ from 'UCL’, while receiving scholarships from the ‘Wellcome Trust', 'A.G. Leventis Foundation' and the ‘Gatsby Charitable Foundation'] and at the University of Cambridge [postdoctoral training in the Department of Anatomy with Prof. A.C. Ferguson-Smith and Prof. G.J. Burton, while being a recipient of a 'Wellcome Trust' fellowship]. His further training took place in Canada, as a research fellow at the 'Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute' of 'Mount Sinai Hospital' with Prof. J. Rossant. Dr. Georgiades has received several research grant awards from national and international funding agencies including Research Promotion Foundation', the 'University of Cyprus' and the 'Wellcome Trust'. He is an editorial board member of various international scientific journals such as 'Scientific Reports' and has been an evaluator of research grant applications from international funding agencies such as the Medical Research Council (MRC) of the United Kingdom.




    Artemis Elia (Ph.D. student)


    Xenia Hadjikypri (Ph.D. student)


    Christina Theofanous (Ph.D. student)


    Antrea Aristotelous (MSc. student)


    Giasemia Ioannou (MSc. student)


    Vasiliki Komodiki (MSc. student)




Past Lab members


Ph.D. students: Dr Christiana Polydorou, Dr Christoforos Odiatis, Dr Katerina Drakou, Dr Stavros Nicolaou

MSc. students: Petroula Gerasimou, Fotini Charalambous, Stavros Nikolaou, Artemis Elia, Tasia Kakos, Rafaella Polycarpou






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